Living Without Sugar – 1 Month

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Apologies for the delay in getting the living without sugar end-of-month post, but here it is!

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Initial goals

  • Lose weight – I weighed myself at the outset and will report the results at the end of the month.
  • Have better skin
  • Feel more energetic
  • Be more in control of my appetite
  • Be at a lower risk of diabetes, heart conditions and cancer (hard to measure that one!)

How did it go?

  • So let’s start with losing weight. In the short month of February I lost…. 12lbs. Which is pretty impressive considering I was doing nothing else. We still drank alcohol, I didn’t do any exercise… just the sugar! To put that in perspective, this is what that looks like in bags of sugar….


  • Skin… can’t say I’ve noticed any change here. I didn’t really have an issue before to be fair, but still – no changes to report.
  • Energetic? Yes, absolutely, less afternoon slumps, more focus, more energised at the end of the day. The difference was night and day!
  • Appetite, the couple of times that I slipped up I suddenly felt cravings for carbs or sugar, but generally as long as I stuck to it – I found I could easily control my appetite between meals.
  • The final point is obviously not something I can comment on, but hopefully it’s all going the right direction!

Final Thoughts on Living Without Sugar

I’m planning to continue the sugar free life, although it’s worth noting I treated myself over my birthday weekend to takeaways, bread, doughnuts, wine etc… The next day I noticed cravings and struggled to get back on the waggon… but I’m back on it now and adding in exercise to try and be fit, happy and healthy.