Living Without Sugar – Day 12

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Ok, so just a very quick update on living without sugar. If you haven’t read my previous blog, click here to read that first.

Day 12 Living Without sugar

So I’m 12 days in, and it’s getting easier by the day. In week two we reduced the amount of fruit we were eating and substituted it with eggs, nuts and cucumber sticks as snacks. I’m still finding that I have plenty of energy throughout the day, and I’m really enjoying my food. Whats more, I’m looking forward to my meals, and appreciating the difference between hunger and starvation!

Here’s a list of things I’ve still been doing while living without sugar:

  • Went out for drinks on a leaving do
  • Enjoyed a nice curry with family (homemade)
  • Eaten lunch in a pub with a colleague
  • Had a full cooked breakfast for brunch at the weekend
  • Eaten three healthy, delicious meals a day

And in 11/12 days I have lost…. 8lbs exactly. Not bad! And I’m seeing the changes too, I’ve lost that bloated middle bit. Anyway, enough of that!

So, what’s next? I intend to carry this on through Feb, sticking with the current low fruit plan and then on in to March and beyond.

Check back for a final update at the end of February, and as always, please feel free to comment, share and like!

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